Ungkapan Congratulations (Ucapan Selamat), Expressing Surprise, Expressing Disbelief, Asking And Giving Opinion

Congratulations (Ucapan Selamat)
Expressing Surprise
·  Many happy returns of the da
·  Happy birth day/Happy anniversary
·  Congratulation
·  Have a nice dream
·  Have a good trip
·  Congratulation on passing your exam
·  Congratulation on your success
·  Congratulation on your getting tetle.
·  Congratulation on getting a new job
·  Congratulation on your engagement
·  Congratulation on getting scholarship
·  Congratulation on your appointment as……

Congratulate for First Novel
Farhan : So, how long has it been since the first publishing of your first novel?
Yola    : It’s been 3 weeks since then.
Farhan : So, how many copies have been sold this far?
Yola    : Thank God. Many people seem to like it very much. Since the first publishing 3 weeks
               ago, there have been over 500 copies sold.
Farhan : Splendid! I’d like to congratulate you on your success at your first time publishing your
Yola    : Thank you very much, Mr. Farhan. It’s very kind of you to say so
Farhan : Keep the good work, Yola. I know you could be a great author someday.
Expressing Surprise
Expressing Surprise
  1. What a surprise
  2. That can’t be
  3. Oh! Wow! (Oh, Wow)
  4. Great! (Bagus!)
  5. Incredible
  6. I am really surprise
  7. Nonsense
  8. I am surprise at you
  9. My goodness!

Became a Stewardess
Farah : Hey, Runi! I heard you became a stewardess.
Seruni : Yes, I did.
Farah : Wow! That’s cool!
Seruni : It is, isn’t it? But I worked really hard for the test.
Farah : So do you live in Jakarta now?
Seruni : I still live in Padang. I go home every free day. I guess next month I will rent an apartment there.
Farah : Wow! All by yourself?
Seruni : There is a housing benefit from the company.
Farah : I feel so surprised to see you now. Have a great life for you.
Seruni : You, too.
Expressing Disbelief
Expressing Disbelief (Ekspresi Tidak Percaya) 
  1. I don’t believe you
  2. I don’t trust you
  3. Unbelieveable!
  4. It must be wrong.
  5. You must be joking
  6. Really?(Benarkah)
  7. I have no faith on you.
  8. It was beyond belief.
  9. That’s unbelievable.
  10. Really? Are you serious?
  11. No way. You are kidding me right?
  12. I can’t believe you.

Accepted at the best senior high school in Jakarta
Joni: Can you believe it Lita?
Lita: Believe what?
Joni: I just accepted at the best senior high school in Jakarta.
Lita: No way. are you kidding me right?
Joni: I know that you would’t believe it.
Lita: Are you serious?
Joni: Yes. Of course I am serious.
Lita: But, you are not that smart?
Joni: Yeah I know. This is pure my luck.
Lita: That’s unbelievable. You need to give me your luck then.
Joni: Hahaha. That’s funny.
Asking And Giving Opinion
Asking for opinion
Giving opinion
Commenting on opinion
·         What is your opinion about…?
·         What do you think of…?
·         How do you feel about…
·         Do you really think…?
·         In my opinion…
·         I believe that…
·         I think…
·         I feel that…
·         That’s a good point
·         I get your point.
·         I think it’s a good idea
·         I don’t think it’s a good idea.
·         I see what you mean, but..
·         I don’t think so…
Opinion about Bag
Selvi : I think this bag is much prettier than that one. What is your opinion?
Kitty : Hmm, Well. I don’t know. I like both of them. Why do you like that one better?
Selvi : Hmm, the design is more interesting and the colors are brighter.
Kitty : And besides it, its color is really suitable for you.
Selvi : Do you really think so? I will buy it. Thanks Kitty.
Kitty : Yes Friend.

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